For interested intermediaries and potential guarantee users:

CIGP will accelerate community investment in the United States by pooling unfunded guarantee commitments and providing targeted guarantees to community lenders, investors, and intermediaries.

Click below to download an overview for intermediaries outlining the basics of the CIGP program, as well as our program and underwriting guidelines.

Also below, see a link to our intake form for potential intermediary projects.

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Guarantors and Investors

Affordable Housing

Housing in the price range of working families is in short supply. Secure, quality space to lay down roots is essential for the growth and well-being of stable communities, affecting everything from health outcomes to economic opportunities. That’s why the CIGP program is trying to fill the gap and usher in affordable housing where traditional finance can’t.

Climate Change

As climate concerns mount, projects that meet environmental challenges head on will become vital and valuable. Traditional finance, though, hasn’t caught up to this important burgeoning market. CIGP aims to provide conduit to capital for the kind of fledgling climate-focused projects poised to shape the future for the better.

Small Business

Small businesses are the lifeblood of communities and economies across the country. They provide the kind of diversified commerce that fosters sustainable growth, attracts residents, and keeps capital circulating locally by providing needed jobs. CIGP incorporates small business into its target area because now more than ever, these ventures need support.

Ready to participate?

If you have a potential CIGP guarantee and are interested in participating in our program, please complete our intake form.

Completed forms will be reviewed internally and we will reach out to your organization if we have any questions or desire further follow-up.

CIGP is committed to racial, gender and economic equity.  Please note that proposed guarantee uses with defined impact and focus on equity will be given special consideration.  Also, please note CIGP is not a grant facility.  Our investors are willing to incur some losses for deeper impact, but this is not a relief/grant program.  Our hope is to de-risk investments to crowd in additional private capital.

Over the next few years, we hope to grow the pool to at least $75 million and create a sustainable piece of community development financial infrastructure.  We consider you our partners in the development of this innovative financial tool.


Dive in and help our communities rebuild.

Given the rapidly changing economic climate, we are seeking compelling and well-purposed guarantees to be utilized during the rebuilding of our economy. Ready to help? Follow the link below to learn more.

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