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Nothing is out of reach.

Financial guarantees are an evolving tool for philanthropies looking to leverage their assets and back mission-aligned projects normally beyond the scope of traditional finance. Now, a cohort of philanthropies is collaboratively leveraging their balance sheets to accelerate community investments.

The Community Investment Guarantee Pool (CIGP) is a first of its kind platform allowing guarantors to combine resources and expertise by establishing a single, one-stop-shop for intermediary lenders in the climate, affordable housing, and small business sectors. Together, this group is making more and new types of community development transactions feasible by putting more of their assets to work in service of greater community impact.

With management by LOCUS Impact Investing, this pooled commitment of financial guarantees aims to unlock capital and accelerate community investments that would not otherwise be possible across America.

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Our Values

Embrace diversity, racial equity and inclusion in all aspects of our work

Believe in the capacity of intermediaries to support community economic development

Value collaboration and partnership as a way to learn and work together; peer learning is where innovation and impact most often occur

Honest and transparent about the work that needs to be done and our ability to provide solutions

Embrace entrepreneurial thinking and look for opportunities to innovate and bring more value to our partners

Hold ourself and our partners to these shared values

Our Team

A cohort of philanthropies led by The Kresge Foundation selected LOCUS Impact Investing as the Community Investment Guarantee Pool’s program manager. LOCUS is a subsidiary of Virginia Community Capital (VCC).  LOCUS and VCC lead CIGP with an exceptional team of dedicated professionals having a wealth of experience in impact driven finance. Click below to learn more about the staff driving CIGP forward.

TEAM 0000 Sarah

Sarah Stremlau

Sarah oversees the LOCUS team, including CIGP, and works with them across all service areas to amplify LOCUS’ ability to empower philanthropists to leverage their assets and use innovative financing tools for community economic development.

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TEAM 0002 Fran Lutz full portrait

Fran Lutz

With over 25 years of proven success, spanning for-profit and nonprofit sectors, including 15 years of extensive international experience, Fran Lutz brings a wealth of mission-related experience to CIGP.

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TEAM 0001 Jane Henderson ROI 500x745 1

Jane Henderson

Since its launch in 2006, Jane Henderson has led VCC and its leverage of a $15 million state-backed investment to nearly $800 million in public and private investment in Virginia. Along the way, she has overseen the creation of jobs, vibrant communities, and an improvement in Virginians’ quality of life.

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TEAM 0003 will web 500x750 1

Will Groves

Will Groves joins the CIGP team with twelve years of banking experience and his contribution to VCC as Chief Risk Officer. In this role, Mr. Groves is responsible for credit and enterprise risk management of the organization.

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Jim Baek Headshot CIGP

Jim Baek

Jim Baek leads CIGP as Executive Director and brings with him a wealth of experience in the community development, affordable housing, and impact investing sectors.

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CIGP is managed by a dynamic team of impact professionals committed to making a difference. A career with CIGP is all about channeling resources into communities and spaces where they're needed most. Check back frequently for postings of our open positions.

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