COVID Response

Ready to help rebuild our communities?

Given the rapidly changing economic climate, we are seeking compelling and well-purposed guarantees to be utilized during the rebuilding of our economy.

The types of guarantees, guarantee users and terms we are currently seeking:
  • Acknowledge that mission alignment is imperative. CIGP has a deliberate focus on racial, gender and economic equity at the intermediary and/or end user level.
  • Guarantees are made at the enterprise/fund level, not on individual projects. However, guarantees can apply to a “pool” of loans or loans made under a specific lending program.
  • Commit to a $1 million guarantee minimum
  • Pay at least a 1-2% annual fee on the total guarantee amount committed
  • Start deploying guarantees within one year of guarantee closing; fully deploy guarantees by the end of three years.
  • Guarantee terms range from 5-12 years.
  • Willingness to take a first loss position of at least 5%.
  • Demonstrate either a 5 to 1 direct leverage or 10 to 1 indirect leverage.
  • Lending sector must be in affordable housing (single or multi-family), small business, climate or a combination of aforementioned sectors.
  • All U.S. geographies considered: Preference given to CA, CO, DE, FL, GA, MD, NC, NM, TX, VA, and Seattle.
  • Organizational audited financials.
  • Reviewed CIGP Program and Underwriting Guidelines.
  • Strong desire to “crowd in” private capital.
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